About Us

Samaj Dental Hospital, situated at New Baneshwor, established on 16th July 2001, is a reputed dental hospital in Kathmandu. This hospital is approved by the government of Nepal. Since its inception, this hospital has been providing affordable, prompt and quality service to people. Along with clinical and community dental services, this hospital has been running 3 years certificate level academic program in dental science ( dental hygiene course) in affiliation with CTEVT/GoN.

(1) To make people believe that Oral health is as important as other parts of human body.
(2) To make the easy access in dental treatment for general people.
(3) Easy access in oral treatment for people can be made only in the joint effort of governmental, non- governmental and private sector.
(4) To promote skilled middle level man power in the field of dentistry as the demand of the nation.

To make easy access for general people in the field of dental treatment and to provide quality dental services in the country.


(1) To make the people aware about dental health.
(2) To increase the access of general people in the dental treatment.
(3) To produce middle level man power in the field of dentistry.

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